What We Do:

We make buying and selling online businesses a breeze.

How We Do It:

Our team at SaleAway ensures the legitimacy of every business on our website by completing a comprehensive vetting process. We review each online business from top to bottom, including but not limited to: traffic, revenues & profits, revenue streams, social media, existing SEO & search rankings, industry comparables & competition, and content/product offerings. Click the button below to learn more about our buyer & seller processes.

Why We Do It:

At SaleAway, we believe in empowering buyers & sellers to deviate from the typical 9-5 job. Purchasing the right online business may allow you to work from anywhere in the world, set your own schedule, and live the life you always dreamed of. Selling your online business may be your last step to retiring or taking a break from “normal” life to chase your dreams and passions. We strongly believe in enabling you to “Sail Away”, and create your ideal lifestyle.

An experienced team, here to help you build your lifestyle

Don’t let our suits and ties fool you. You would normally find us in Hawaii’an shirts with daiquiris that have the cute little umbrellas in them, with some Jimmy Buffet in the background. But we have spent (and some of us continue to spend) some time in the real world gaining experience that makes us better advisers.

Jake Mayock
Jake MayockAdvisor
Jake is one of the teams strategic advisors, with personal online business experience including content, affiliate, membership, and ecommerce business models. Jake graduated with an honors degree in finance and accounting from Texas Christian University (TCU).
Trey Jones
Trey JonesBroker
Trey graduated as a Marketing Major at Texas A&M University and has 5 years of internet marketing under his belt. Alongside Saleaway, Trey develops, implements, and executes strategic marketing strategies for other companies to drive sales growth and brand recognition.

Zach Mayock
Zach MayockBroker
Zach graduated from University of Colorado – Boulder with a degree in Finance, and has 6 years of experience in internet entrepreneurship. He has focused extensively on managing and operating a portfolio of online businesses primarily in the automotive industry. Zach works on the private equity side within a self-directed IRA custodian & administrator. His primary focus with SaleAway is ensuring processes and transactions run smoothly and on time by assisting and advising both buyers & sellers from start to finish.