This is the 1st Part of our 10-part series on How to Sell an Online Business.

In this episode we will go over the following:

  1. Why would someone start an online business?
  2. How much will my online business sell for?
  3. What makes one online business with the same business model more valuable than another in the industry?

We will go into intangible components we, SaleAway, look at to distinguish the market value of an online business. These intangibles components are as follows:

  1. Consistent Profit and Traffic
  2. Growth Opportunities for Potential Buyers
  3. Barriers of Entry
  4. Brand Value
  5. Customer Base
  6. “Secret Sauce”

We will also go into online business multiples, online business valuations, and what factors go into determining an online businesses multiple. These factors include:

  1. Monetization Methods
  2. Age of Business
  3. Profitability
  4. Website Traffic
  5. Hours Spent on the Online Business

Determining the right time to sell your website and creating an exit strategy vary on a case by case basis. Start with clarifying your goals for the business. Examine whether there are potential opportunities to continue growing the business, or if you have maximized the profitability of the website. At the end of the day, it is up to you to put a plan in place and decide what is best for you.